WEDDING BAND guide FOR THREE stone combination RINGS

Three-stone inclusion rings are a unchanging and timeless concentration dome atmosphere choice. There are several swap three-stone upset pairings or combinations to dogfight your personal aesthetic. Three-stone rings enormously make a statement, however, some who chose this timeless raptness arena design have cause problems finding wedding bands to pair afterward their chosen three-stone combination. At Lauren B we have several wedding band choices that would pair charmingly as soon as any three-stone ring. Listed below are a few of these examples! Additionally, unlike most additional jewelers, our three-stone rings are purposefully handmade and specially made to allow a wedding band to sit perfectly flush, eliminating the often unattractive gap commonly caused by precast settings.

An emerald three-stone assimilation ring, such as the one shown below, pairs sweetly behind many designs. Specifically, this three-stone emerald and step-cut trapezoid ring pairs nicely alongside an emerald-cut eternity band or an east-west baguette eternity band. These two designs reiterate the step-cut facets of the emerald-cut center, maintaining a cohesive see amid both the band and fascination ring. Additionally, sometimes pairing a step-cut immersion sports ground similar to a brilliant-cut band such as a round band draws more attention to the wedding band, while choosing a step-cut band keeps the prominence upon the  鑽戒價格  center. You can view these pairings in the video above!

Oval diamonds pair delectably next half moon side stones as the curved half-moon have an effect on complements the round edges of an oval middle stone. This pretty ground set in two-toned yellowish-brown and white can be paired in imitation of many exchange wedding band designs. One common out of the ordinary is incorporating an oval eternity band. We would pair this ground specifically following an east-west oval band as it matches beautifully still yet keeps the focus upon the captivation ring, as the width is thinner than an oval band set in the traditional, vertical orientation. marginal unorthodox that is a bit more understated is a circular diamond eternity band which we have here in orangey gold.

Cushion cut  diamond 4c  are becoming more and more well-liked every year and now cushion three stone combinations are common trends clients often look for. Pairing a cushion in the same way as pear-shaped side stones is a agreed feminine look. To addition this design we suggest an east-west pear disturb band that follows the orientation of the side stones and creates an fascinating look. A cushion clip eternity band is a lovely complementary as well, especially if you plan on wearing the wedding band alone at show or even if traveling. 

Asscher 3 stone rings stand out as they are a more unique design. This Asscher 3 rock in particular is even more unique as it is both two-toned and yellow gold. In order to keep the stress on this one-of-a-kind design, choosing a band that complements its scarce raptness is important! This Asscher clip band fits perfectly flush to the showground making it a good choice! Another, more simple unconventional would be a round-cut eternity band considering this one.

For those who desire a little more sparkle, quality your three-stone combination upon a pave band is a good choice! We can afterward set it happening on a skinny 3-row diamond band for even more sparkle! This arena in particular afterward has a hidden halo below each side. That monster said, roughly speaking all of our wedding bands nevertheless fit flush as soon as this unique design! Here is a matching 3 row rose gold band that truly makes the bands detail stand out. other good unusual is a classic prong round band, which adds some new vivaciousness as well. 

All of these combination auditorium designs can be customized to your liking. We have several more wedding bands that would pair nicely as well. For wedding band options catered to your true preferences and three-stone design, keep amused read to be partnered with a design consultant! You can in addition to view our Virtual Diamond Inventory here.

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